Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Wedding - Through the Lens (VIDEO)

Four years ago today I married my best friend, Patricia Brinkman at the time.  This has been without question the greatest gift of my life.  Each year I spend sometime on this day going through the videos from the day on YouTube.  I thought why not create a blog where I package all these videos up together.  WARNING It's ALOT, and it's all wonderful!

Full Ceremony:  This is awesome to go back and hear my Da's message to us, "Leave, Cleave, and Weave."

Wedding Reception Intros and First Dance 
I still love our song selections.

Patricia and Wayne's Father-Daughter Dance  
This was one of my fav videos from this day because I had some fun with the song and the video edits.  The best part of this video is when Player says this is the 2nd time he heard this song.

E & P Wedding Dance Montage 

The Dance Mashup (Luda, Marc Anthony, Furtado, Shout and Sinatra) 

Eric's "Thank You" speech at the Wedding 

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