Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sawyer's First Halloween

Sawyer's first Halloween was pretty uneventful as Mom, Dad and Sawyer all came down with a little cold.  We could not let that stop us from taking some photos to commemorate her first Halloween.  Between popping 1000mg of Vitamin C and drinking lots of water we managed to find time for a quick photo shoot.

The plan was to grab our pumpkin and create a small set with a ton of leaves in our front yard.  I should also mention the weather decided to drop from the mid 80's to the low 60's with a chilling wind.  Half-way through the first shoot we could tell we had a hungry baby that was not in a mood for modeling.

Later in the day we decided to change plans from the front yard leaves idea and head to the back yard.  Sawyer's first costume was this awesome little "Tigger" onesie from her Abuela.

As I set Sawyer in the yard Patricia asked me, "is there any Dodger poop or pee right there?" I confidently answered "never!" :)  Sawyer also had a surprise visit from the Main Player who jumped in for a quick snapshot.

I had to close out the blog with a short video of the cutest "Tigger" ever.

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