Saturday, May 31, 2014

Brent and Fam in Orlando

Last weekend my oldest brother and his family were able to come into town for a short trip to Central Florida.  It was the first time Brent and Tammi were able to meet Sawyer Beaux.  It was awesome. I got home from work on Thursday and was instantly in a highly competitive game of soccer in my backyard.  Jack and Eric vs Sadie and Brent.  While team TN "won", we are still appealing due to the amount of illegal elbows thrown down by "sweet" little Sadie.  :)

It was also great to introduce Sawyer to Sadie who kept saying over and over again, "She is so cute."

The first day Abuela Brinkman took over Sawyer duties and we were able to visit Universal Orlando Resort.  I'm not sure I have enjoyed a theme park this much, but it was great to watch Sadie get scared on Jurassic Park River Adventure and smile as big as she possibly could on Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.  Do we look like tourists or what?

I also got to ride the Pteranodon Flyers for the 1st time because you have to have a child with you.  During the wait Sadie and I played "thumb war" like 15-20 times.  I am sure she would like everyone to know she won in the end.

To close out the day Jack stopped for a quick dance as he watched the parade go by.  Because I work at UO I rarely get to see or experience the joy this place brings. Great to see it first hand.

One of my other favorite things about the weekend was watching Jack.  He is almost 2 years old now and he is a tank.  Patricia rightly nicknamed him Jack-nado.  He picks up everything, stumbles, knocks over stuff, and gets into everything.  He is such a fun curious boy.  The above might make him sound like a terror. He is actually one of the most cuddly kids I have ever seen and we got a lot of Jack-nado - Uncle E time.

I also love to watch him eat.  It was awesome.  While at Universal I asked Jack-nado if he wanted any of these baby cheese puffs his parents brought while Brent and Tam were on a ride.  Instead of taking them from me he just put his hand behind my hand and pushed all of these cheese puffs towards his face and attacked them.  It was awesome!

The rest of the time we hung out, laughed a lot, and watched as Sadie and Sawyer became the best cousin friends ever.

What a great few days with my brother Brent and his family.  Thanks to Tammi and Patricia for putting up with all the chaos.  It was a blast.

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