Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sawyer's First month

So many memories from Sawyers's first month.  I thought this blog might be a great way to remember some of our favorite.  In no particular order..
  • Lots of diapers lots, of feedings
  • Going on a car ride to Krispy Kreme at 3am to try and get her to sleep.  
  • Watching her wake up.
  • Daddy singing many made up and ridiculous songs like, "Prettiest little girl in the world"
  • Purchasing a swing after 2 weeks.  Best decision ever!
  • Her first photo shoot in the dining room
  • Only being able to wear certain onesies because she is so tiny.
  • Her first bath was pretty awesome. (Read and see it here LINK)
  • Having so many close friends come by to meet her. I won't even try to name them all. 
  • Shh'ing her to sleep so much I find myself shh'ing at work
  • First work lunch with my ladies.  Chuys was a great choice.
  • Leaning what a sling at a restaurant was
  • Texting my "mom" friends questions.  Thanks Heather, Amber, Eliz, and Jessica
  • Seeing my wife change from a wonderful wife to a loving Mom.
  • Getting to enjoy March Madness while hanging with Sawyer. Best time to have a kid ever.
  • Trying so hard to learn the "forumla" to get her to sleep.  It was hard at times but provided so much bonding time.
  • Kim Allen was a lifesaver / baby whisperer
  • She slept in the Boppy lounger on Eric's night stand for a few nights early on
  • Eric wanting to always swaddle and put her to sleep, and PBG wanting to let her stay awake during the day
  • Sawyer was skilled at getting out of swaddles
  • All the dinners from so many sweet friend
  • Sitting on the patio
  • Learning the car seat
  • Trips to the park
  • Bath time with the Brinkman Grand Parents
  • Mommy Sawyer chats (which is Sawyer making noises, and PBG saying, mhmm in agreement)
  • Mommy learning to swaddle
  • Dad mastering the "Super Swaddle" 
  • Learning how important the iPhone noisemaker app is
  • Spending lots of time with all the grand parents. (Abuela and Grandpa Brinkman, and Pops and Granny Gray)
  • Exercises with Abuela
  • Seeing Dodger follow, and protect Sawyer all day. 
  • Late night and early morning devotions with Mom

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