Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Call - March 18th

This morning I went to work knowing we were one week away from Sawyer's due date, but my feeling of an early arrival a few weeks ago had changed significantly over the past week.  I was starting to think Sawyer might be late.  In my 9:30am meeting I got "the call" from Patricia.  She had just left her weekly scheduled doctors appointment and her exact words when I answered was, "Do you want to have a baby today?"  I responded like any loving husband would, "SHUT UP"  She went on to tell me that the doctor said for a few reasons she thought she should go to the hospital where they will probably advise to induce.  I ran home as she called her parents.  I called a few family members and snapchatted the news to a few friends.  (You're welcome) #SocialMedia  After grabbing our bags and walking the dogs I was off to Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

When I arrived PBG was with her parents having just finished a few tests.  She was in great spirits and was in no way in "labor".  After a few hours the nurse very nonchalantly said, "we got the tests back, and were inducing today"  While we knew this was going to be along day, I think we were all thrilled to get this started.

The next few hours were pretty relaxing.  I started charging my cameras for the big moment while PBG relaxed.  Around 5pm the parents got back from walking the dogs and Eliz arrived with a loaner birthing ball. It was great having Eliz here. Around 6pm the nurse started to deliver the Pitocin which I found out would get this party started.  I learned more in 30 minutes with our nurse than I did during our 3 week prep classes. Once the medicine kicked in the contractions began.  I think it was a pretty normal experience but I hated seeing PBG in pain.

She was awesome and timed the request for the epi perfectly.  I was amazed at how awesome and focused PBG was as she was dealing with very difficult contractions and was receiving her epidural.  Needless to say she felt great after this was done.  The nurse was so helpful and even helped me coach Patricia better.  I think it was great prep for what's coming shortly.  At 11pm Wayne and I took off for a McD's run while PBG took a nap.  We are so blessed by God, everything today has been great.  That is the update for now.  Have a great night friends.  Tomorrow is Sawyer's Birthday.

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