Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Shower for Sawyer Beaux

On February 8th, one day after I turned thirty-one (aka thirty-fun) my sweet friends hosted a fabulous baby shower for Sawyer Beaux. It was the absolute best! There were so many friends and family present. Sawyer and I felt very loved and appreciated!

That day was quite rainy so Jessica had to change plans and move the shower from her backyard to inside her house. Which ironically happened when we hosted her shower at our house for Benjamin almost three years ago J Everything was so beautiful and delish! Special shout out to Elizabeth and Sandy for the oh so good Chicken Salad and to Ame for becoming a professional baker and blessing us with the most wonderful cupcakes!

Kim Allen prayed and read a lovely devotional about being a mother and mimicking Jesus. I have this in Sawyer’s room already and I’m sure I’ll read it many many times.  Everyone wrote a birthday card for one of her next 18 birthdays. That makes me super excited for her birthdays to come around because I can’t wait to read the messages in the cards! I’ll do my best to be patient. Thank you Isabel for the best invites, birthday cards and thank you notes (still working on those) ever!

Not only did Sawyer receive some wonderful gifts she also acquired an instant library! Eric and I look forward to reading her all the many books she received. We are so grateful and blessed by all those who came, especially from far away. That includes all of la familia. Y’all make everything more fun and special, love you! Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to love on our baby girl. We love you!

Shout-out to Amber who wouldn't turn around for this photo and to Jenny for the funny faces in the back!

Thank you to all the hostesses and everyone else that helped… Jessica Meyer, Isabel Ibanez, Elizabeth Sloan, Jessie Daniels, Davey Olsen, Lauren Berlin Roberts, Amber Eastwood, Carly Johnson, Amy Smith, Ame See and Andrew Meyer and Andrew Davis (the muscle)!

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