Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Engagement Anniversary 2012

Yesterday Patricia and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary of us getting engaged.  Before I get into the story of the day I know most of you are thinking, "this anniversary won't last very long.  No one celebrates their engagement 10 years down the line."  I hope and will try my hardest to prove you all wrong.  If you know the story of our engagement it was awesome.  If you don't you can read about it here.  Nonetheless, this day 2 years ago was perfect, unique, joyful and matchless.  I know we can't recreate it every year but I will do my best to remember it.

With all that said, yesterday was about as perfect a day you can have here in Orlando. 

I booked us a hotel room at the historic Park Plaza Garden Hotel on Park Ave.  This was supposed to be a surprise but sneaky PBG saw an email from the manager last week while in bed.  I might have emailed the manager a week before and asked for a big discount.  I might have played the "we are buying our 1st house on Wednesday card."  Is that a card?  Not only did they give us a huge discount they gave us the biggest room in the hotel overlooking Park Ave. Here are a few shots of the room.

 PBG met me at the hotel, and when she walked in she just said, "happy"  As she joined me on the balcony she reiterated, "happy."  From there we had a short walk to the famous Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour.  We had to hurry to catch the final 4pm trip.  

After the boat tour we stopped by at Cocina 214 one of our favorite spots on the Ave to have a "snacklet" as PBG would say.   While there I saw on Instagram that the Meyers were on the Ave so we decided to hang with them for a bit.  PBG was still suffering from Pink Eye and it drove her crazy that she could not hold Benji.

We spent our evening having dinner at the wonderful Park Plaza Garden Restaurant, and relaxing on our balcony.  This might be the greatest single day/date you could have in Winter Park.   I am so happy I got to share it will my bride. 

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