Thursday, May 10, 2012

Patricia's new job

From November to a few weeks ago Patricia and I have prayed for a new opportunity for her.  She was open to a new career and even contemplated going back to school.  We prayed for more than a job but something she could really enjoy and dig into.  As of 3 weeks ago Patricia started her job at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando.  She is the Student Ministries Administrative Assistant, and she says "and I hang out with kids."  To many of you this isn't breaking news but for those of you that did not know, I wanted to tell a bit more details about how this came about.

About two months ago Bret Allen, PBG's longtime friend (now working at First Pres) asked PBG if she would be interested in this position.  I was way excited.  Like I said she considered many other things in the past few months, (one of which is becoming a professional calligrapher, which BTW if you need any work done she is actually really good at it). With no true direction we spent many nights praying about her "next right step."This was truly a God thing.  We wanted to be careful as to not commit too soon but as the days went on it felt more and more like the best opportunity ever.  There were so many positives but just to name a few: she would be working with a handful of friends, the church is downtown only a few miles from our home, First Pres is a wonderful established church with what seems like a vibrant church family.  After a few weeks going back and forth during the interview process she finally had her 1st day.  I was sad to be in NYC on her 1st day but I managed to get some flowers to celebrate my wife's big day.  Did I mention how excited I was? 

She is now in her third week and loving every bit of it.  She is getting to work along side some really great Godly people.  She is happy to go to work, even happy to stay late (which is new for me to see lol). I always had a feeling God would someday give PBG an opportunity that would let her use her talents she crafted while working at Young Life. At the end of her 1st week on the job PBG and I helped watch children at a First Pres Family Camp retreat at Southwind.  It was a great opportunity for Patricia and I to get to meet some of the families she would be working around.  It was so fun to see her work with these families and these children.  I feel truly blessed to have such a Godly wife and I look forward to how he will use her at First Pres.

Good job bebe.  You are the best!

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