Thursday, February 9, 2012

Patricia's 29th Birthday Timeline [PICTURES]

For those of you that don't know I love birthdays.  Most importantly mine, but now that I am married I have a 2nd birthday that I love.  February 7th.  I also wanted to give a shout out to the blog biggest fan Sarah Stevenson.  Patricia met her at our company Award Party and she almost asked for Patrica's autograph.  I'm kidding, she was real cool.  It's fun to know someone besides my mom actually reads this stuff.  PBG might not read it if she didn't have to edit my broken English. (KIDDING bebe)

Back to the story. 

10:05 AM - Patricia wakes to tell me that I overslept.  I walk into the other room come back to bed with her 1st birthday card.  Inside she reads some mushy stuff but most importantly her 1st gift.  The back read "I don't have to go into work today.  Lets party!"  Weeks ago I worked on MLK day and saved a day off for this occasion.  In a very excited screeched, she yelled "Yay lets party!"  That was followed up with "OK good night" Which means let's go back to bed for a bit.  PBG is a professional sleeper.  Most of you might think you are good at it but she has a PhD. 

10:45 AM - I finally roll out of bed to cook her a great healthy breakfast of champions.  Thanks to my brother Brent for introducing me to the new Bisquick plastic container.  Genius.

11:30 AM - Her Parents, the boss lady, and the main player, came over with a balloon and chocolate cake.  After a few stories, some coffee and cake they took off and we finally got ready for the day.

I spent hours trying to decide on what the afternoon activities would look like.  I finally decided on a bike ride, tennis, and fun outdoor stuff, then the iPhone weather app killed that with stories of rain, that never came BTW.  I have long wanted to head out to Clermont, FL to tour the Lakeridge Winery so that is what we did.

1:30 PM We took off for Clermont.  As we jammed to Rihanna's "You Da One" we started west.  Having only had pancakes and cake so far we thought a 4River stop in Winter Garden was needed.  PBG killed some ribs I stuck with the brisket sandwich.  No sides as we planned for a nice dinner in the evening. 
3:00 PM We finally arrived at the winery.  We watched a short video and then quickly walked through the entire winery.  It was so cool.  It was like watching an episode of "How It's Made" in person.  We walked along the catwalk to view the production area and then outside on the balcony to see the spectacular view of the vineyards where the grapes are grown and harvested. In the picture below you can see some of the production area and the machinery. On the bottom left is where they do their bottling.

4:30 PM Wine Tasting began.  Did I mention this is ALL free.  If you live in this area this is a must do afternoon adventure.  Before we got started they carded Patricia. I had to sprint to the car and back with her ID so I didn't miss anything.  I believe we tasted 8 or 9 different wines.  It was so much fun.  At the end we bought a few bottles.  My favorite was their chilled Southern White hers was Cuvée Noir Reserve.  On our way out we took a few pictures overlooking the vineyards.  FYI- the grape vines are all hibernating now (looks dead).  They will be back in march.
6:00 PM We headed back to Orlando.  Patricia laid down for her afternoon birthday nap as I got a few things ready for the evening. 

8:00 Dinner was at Mitchell's Fish market in Winter Park Village.  Being that I don't eat fish my choice was easy the burger.  Patricia took a bit longer because she wanted to eat all the sea animals.  While she was deciding on her dinner choice I hid a few envelopes all over the restaurant.  Patricia would have to play 20 questions with me to find out where these envelopes were and then go and ask the chef, bartender, hostess, table 71, and 1 more.  While all the envelopes had been dropped off PBG finally decided on the biggest seafood plate in the house.  She could tell you more but I think it was crab, lobster, mussels, shrimp, and a hammer head shark.  The shark is a joke.  After our apps Patricia set out to find all the envelopes.  I can't say she was excited about this fun game but she played along.

This is where I learn we are very different.  If she presented me with a scavenger hunt within the restaurant I would have broke out a magnifying glass and took off like inspector gadget.  She wasn't as hasty.  This is my bride getting her last envelope from the evenings chefs.  Everyone at the restaurant was awesome and played along really well.  In the envelopes where different types of sunglasses and she got to choose from for her birthday gift.  I don't think I would do the game again but it was still a fun story.  The food came and went and we were too stuffed to move.  The last gift of the night was 3 more envelopes.  Inside of them were homemade vouchers to a summer vacation that she has been wanting.  You can see all 3 below. 

She was way excited about these gifts.  She has never been to Cali and it should be quite a trip.  If you are wondering the trip won't be until June.  After dinner I made a fire in our fire pit and we enjoyed a glass of the wine we bought at the winery.  While sitting around the fire I printed up a few married couples questionnaires about goals, life, all sorts of fun topics.  One thing I learned is that she remembers things much better than me.

I swear that was the end of the date :)  It was a fantastic morning, day and night.  I hope that every Feb 7th I can spend this much time with the person I love.  I love you Patricia, Happy Birthday!

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