Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 My Gameplan

2011 has come and gone. I married my bride, my Mavs won the NBA Title and I finally won a substantial fantasy football league. Here is how we rang in the new year..

Most companies have an annual review for their employees.  Sometimes part of the review is setting objectives for the upcoming year.  At EA we call that "My Gameplan".  So instead of resolutions I thought I would post some of my objectives for myself and my family in 2012.

- Let me go ahead and get the obvious ones outta the way, pray more, spend more time with Jesus, be a better husband, son, son-in-law, put the seat down, party more with friends, enjoy life, eat healthier and update this blog more.

OK, now to the serious ones...

- Reach 1k followers on twitter.  If you would like to help me out @TheEricGray.  Currently I am at 889.  Who would have guessed getting re-tweeted by the President of the United States would only gain me 9 followers.

- Have a baller 1 year anniversary on March 12th.  I am having a tough time planning our 1 year because I watched too much 90210 and Dawson's Creek growing up.  I want every big event to be so awesome you would only see it in a movie. Then you read about it here and get jealous your man isn't that awesome :)

- The most important thing to get done in 2012 is prepare PBG for going back to school.  Unlike me PBG doesn't like to broadcast her whole life on this blog so you can talk to her 1 to 1 but we have decided in the coming year or so she will be going back to school/pursuing a new career.  I am so excited for her, and how this will be an investment in our family.

- Get in shape:  I have made a bet with my buddy Jordan Kokel.  Who can lose 20 lbs.  I am trying to get down to 175, he is trying to get to 199.  (FYI he is much taller and much fatter than me- joke)  I am 2 weeks in and I am down about 5 lbs, @190.  As my buddy Carlos would say "To the Top, Never Stop!"  I will try and keep you updated on the blog but don't expect shirtless before and after pictures where I hold a newspaper. 

- As part of getting in shape.  I would like to learn to enjoy running.  I don't want to run a marathon or anything but I would like to be able to run 8-10 miles a week and not want to punch a baby.

- Build stuff:  I have recently gotten into Pinterest, and I am loving it.  Guys settle down there is so much more on Pinterest other than recipes, knitting, or pictures of killers kitchen sinks.  For example the boards that I have are very manly Building Projects, Stuff for Dodger, and Recipes.  Sue me I'm trying to eat healthy.  Currently I am building a coffee table from wooden pallets.  When I finish it I will post some pictures.

- Take my wife on more dates.  I was awesome at this before we got married.  As the months have gone on I have been more focused on keeping a budget than re-winning her heart every Friday night. Pre-marriage date was dinner and dancing with some laminated clues on what our next stop was.  Post-marriage dates have been "I think Biggest Loser is on tonight." OK, I'm not that bad but I could be way better.  And BL is a great show!

- Read more:  I am not a big reader but I am trying to read more.  I have already finished my 1st book of 2012, Steve Martin's Standing Up! It was great.  If you have any recommendations, I like true stories, motivational books, educational books on social media or business or maybe something that would make a fine chick flick. 

- Pay off debt: PBG and I have done well for ourselves but much like any young couple we have a small amount of debt.  I would love nothing more than to be debt free except for student loans by the end of this year.

- Travel: It might be hard to do the one above (pay off debt) and travel but I love it. Traveling with PBG is one of my favorite things to do.  Last year I went to Dallas, Denver, St. Lucia, Cancun, and countless work trips.  I wish we could travel more, but the Grays might lay low this year.

Some other quick hit things I would like to get done.  
Get a 2nd dachshund
Follow more closely my retirement investments
See the Mavs acquire Dwight Howard and Deron Williams in the off-season
Ski- Please!
Start side business - Please send me your ideas
Win the GGFFL
Get involved with competitive sports
Volunteer more with EA or at Summit
Pick things up and put them down

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