Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our 1st Christmas Tree [VIDEO]

Hopefully none of my guys friends clicked on this blog entry if they did let me preface this entire post with two things I love my wife and want to never forget anything about our 1st year, and I love Christmas. With that said yesterday we picked out our 1st Christmas tree. It was the day after a wonderful Thanksgiving at the in-laws (PHOTOS) I would love to start this story with, "Their was a Holiday chill in the air as I arose on November 25th, 2011, but we live in Orlando and it was sunny and 72 degrees. We had very little to do on this day so we woke up very late. (The Brinkmans and Raskins know how to party. I ended Thanksgiving asleep on the living room sofa while the ladies of the house closed down the day outside by the fire with the Hookah) The lady and I watched some football, ate turkey sandwiches and she squeezed in a nap. After the slow start to the day it was time to head out to our local mom and pop Christmas tree stop, Home Depot.

We did the lights before we went to a movie with some friends and then very unplanned we did all the ornaments while we watched Elf late into the night. (I searched Direct TV for anything Christmas and pretty much tivoed every holiday movie that airs.) I had so much fun doing the tree. My parents will remember how into Christmas I was as a child and it wasn't just because of the presents I love it all. This was a special night with my wife, our 1st tree. Although, I still managed to get the PBG "eye" for breaking an ornament. I was being "careless" I somehow blamed Santa. haha At 2:45AM the ornaments had all been hung and Dodger had already left us and burrowed deep into the covers on our bed. It was time for bed. Christmas is here.
(More Tree Photos)

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