Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our 1st Summer Vaction: Cancun, Mexico: Day 1

Welcome to Mexico! That is what I hoped they would say when we landed in Cancun. I also hoped they would greet me with a lei like it was Hawaii. It did not happen that way but it was still awesome.

Last Friday PBG and I set off to Cancun, Mexico for our 1st summer, albeit late, vacation. It was our 1st time to Mexico. If you leave out that one quick trip across the border in Juarez, Mexico where I believe my dad almost let the Autumn Rose (our van) get stolen. We took an early flight from Orlando to the ATL and then down to Mex. Not very convenient but the flights were way cheap (thanks to miles from working at EA). The travel time was pretty uneventful, I drugged myself with Dramamine not once but twice and magically arrived in Cancun. I do not know what I expected from the Cancun Airport or Cancun in general. I generally do tons of pre-vacation research but was too busy at work to be real prepared. As we walked into the Cancun airport it was very nice, pretty quick run through customs, thanks to my wonderful wife for filling out all the forms (a plus I had not known about when planning on getting married, I don’t think I ever have to fill out anything again). We jumped into a van/taxi with 3 other families are we set off to find the beach. The driver was by no means safe. He was the opposite. The drive was about 20 minutes from the airport, after about 15 minutes we started to see the gulf and to our surprise the water looked way bluer than I thought. As we arrived at the Westin Lagunamar you could see from the lobby, past the HUGE infinity pool to the gulf and again I was shocked at how the ocean looked like a giant fake blue pool. I have known many people that went to Mexico and they all talked about it being blue, and the water being clear but they never expressed how ridiculously blue the water is.

As we checked in we found out that our room, booked mostly with points, was actually a villa. It took us awhile to navigate from the lobby to our room (getting to our room was a maze we never really figured out) but this room was ridiculous. I’m pretty sure PBG quickly pointed out in a very confident serious voice, “We could live here, we could live in a place like this” I think I was quick to point out we would have to let Dodger decide. You can see the video below….

The room had it all, full size kitchen, large dining table, beautiful Mexican pottery, 2 flat panel TV’s (with at least 5 English stations- yahtzee), a huge main bedroom with a king size bed. I think Westin is known for their Heavenly beds, and it did not disappoint. And the best part was the bathroom and the Jacuzzi bathtub. Before this starts sounding like an ad for Westin instead of a blog I will just say the room was terrific.

I’m pretty sure I was in my swimsuit in 90 seconds. A short walk away from our room was their pool side restaurant, and the extra-large infinity pool. Our meal was serviceable pizza for me, tacos for her, and 2 margaritas. As we waited for our meal we snuck away for a short trip to see the water and beach. It was almost like we had to make sure what we saw from the lobby was real. It was and it rocked my world. After lunch we took on that beast of an infinity pool.

I swear this infinity pool lined the gulf with probably 100 feet panoramic view of Mexico’s great gem, their blue blue water. I think we stayed here for a while, maybe a trip or two to the swim up bar. At one point we went out to take on the gulf and it was nice. They had yellow flags up everywhere which we would learn was not as bad as red. (Story to be continued)

After a while at the pool we decided it was getting close to dinner time and we should probably rest before that. Once in the room PBG fell asleep and I mean she was out. I searched the net on the slowest Wi-Fi ever. I think in Mexico Wi-Fi is similar to 1G which predates 3G by a few years. Although it was free! I fought and fought and fought and I finally gave up. Sleep usually wins. Our 1 hour pre-dinner nap turned into a 3.5 hours naplet that threw off the entire evening. Once awake it was almost 10pm and all the “family” joints were closed. We decided on night 1 to take on the “PARTY” area of Cancun. We took a bus for 8.5 pesos per person down to the "Hotel Zone or El Centro. This is the hub of all the parties, clubs, and nightlife in Cancun. It was also the hub for many people wanting to sell you things, trips, jewelry, drinks, sea shells and hats. You wanted it they had it, and they were very aggressive. They did not really care if you just said no thank you to 3 other people right before them, they were up next and dangit they thought maybe there is a chance that you’re down here at almost 11pm looking for this cigar. My favorite line was from a guy on the beach, “necklaces, hats ….something else...” he offered. I was not real sure what “something else” meant, and we never found out. We walked all over this party zone to find out it’s pretty crappy and kind of scary at night. We decided Carlos n Charlie’s looked the safest and has the least amount of loud music. After a mediocre meal, and a few laughs with a guy that made our guacamole table side we ventured back to the hotel.

Finding a bus to get to the hotel zone easy, finding one out of the hotel zone not as easy. At one point we walked down a darkish street for a couple blocks. With water and bushes to our right, and signs that read “beware of crocodiles” PBG said “If someone jumps out of here I am hitting them with these pepsis” We made it back to the Westin and pretty much decided that night. We don’t really care about “PARTY’N IT UP” in Cancun. Thankfully, we did not see that part of town again.

Day 1 was amazing a full travel day, and a full beach day.

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