Monday, July 25, 2011

South Florida con mi familia

This weekend Patricia and I were able to do 2 things we love, hang with family and go to the beach. This weekend was so much fun. On Friday night we left O-town around 6pm after another tough goodbye to Dodger. (Or Dodgey Wodgey as PBG has started calling him) It took awhile to get out of Orlando, but after getting gas and grabbing a snack we hit the turnpike and headed towards Miami. Our trip to Hallandale Beach (Where 1 of Miss Nydia's Sister Maria lives) went by quick. It was just over 3 hours,which
is an easy trip on one red bull. As we pulled into Hallandale Beach we had to stop by Publix for Key Lime Pie for the Main Player Wayne, and we had a quick stop at a walk up liquor store. Check out when this liquor store closes.

They know how to party in South Florida. Maria's house was fun. We were in town for PBG's cousin or "primo" Luisito's b-day so when we arrived Friday evening there was alot of family already there having so much fun. I have to say it is such a blast to be a part of this new family with so much life and culture. And I am sure Wayne enjoys having another Gringo in the familia. We talked with everyone late into the night. This seems to be a staple when hanging with the sisters, late night chats that usually end up in laughter, dancing or both. (No dancing this time)

The next day we all headed to Hollywood Beach. As a newbie to Florida I am on a hunt for my favorite beach in
the state and Hollywood beach is up there. The area we went to had a really neat boardwalk along the beach lined with stores, restaurants and bars. (For reference Hollywood beach is about 15 miles north of the famous South Beach) The sand was so hot. We literally had to run from our shaded beach chairs to the ocean. This was a pretty chilled beach day, go in the ocean, rest in the chair, read an fantasy football article on your phone, you know normal beach day.

That night we stayed in a hotel closer to Fort Lauderdale with Wayne and Nydia. After a few minutes to clean up from the beach and relax we were back on the town to celebrate Luisito's b-day at dinner. We went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant very similar to Ceviche in Orlando. The music was loud, and the food was good. The only down fall is there Coke was no bueno. I actually walked down the street to a small store to buy a can coke. The two white boys (Wayne and myself) had our own date at the head of the table as we shared what can be called nothing more than a meat platter (sausage, steak, weiners and more) It was a good night.

That night in the hotel was perfect. I have never slept so good on a pullout sofa bed, but we were way tired. The next day PBG and I slept I think until 11am. When I told her it was 11am, as if to say let's get up. She rolled back over to go back to sleep. (My lady can sleep) After I ran out to get a Burger King Chicken Sandwich (worst decision of the weekend) we finally took off for Las Olas Blvd. I am told that means "the waves" This is a part of Fort Lauderdale Beach. This beach looks like a Florida beach from a movie. A1A drives right next to the beach with the other side of the street lined with hotels, restaurants shopping and much more. This is obviously the place to be.

After we walked the strip for a few minutes we found a nice patio table to sit down and enjoy the ocean breeze. The name of this place was Cafe del Mar. They had a good musician that kept us entertained. He even played a little country for Wayne. While Patricia was killing some mussels, I was racing Miss Nydia to finish a giant margarita (a race that I lost). It was a great weekend but sitting by the beach with the fam having drinks and just talking was truly a highlight. I am pretty sure Wayne said "There goes my boat" 1,000 times.

Las Olas Blvd was great. I will definitely return. After we left the beach we headed over to Amanda Colon's house for the actual Luisito b-day BBQ. Luis cooked a mean burger and corn on the cob. After we watched the kids play some Kinect dance game it was time to drive back to Orlando.

What a great weekend. After we arrived home I had to pack to head to NYC but not before Dodger could get into some dark chocolate and PBG helped make him throw up. What an eventful day. PBG was great with the Dodge and he is fine.

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