Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Blog is back with a 4 month update

Welcome to the newly branded Gray's Blog.

Now that the wedding is 4 months behind us I had to come up with another way to live out my, I mean our lives as a reality show. Since I last posted so much has happened. Here is my attempt of wrapping up the last few months with a nice little bow. I want to also put out this disclaimer. The below order is random and not in the order of importance.

The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions. (OK Maybe it is a ranking of importance) This year could not get much better. I married Patricia and my favorite sports team finally came together in a dream like fashion to win it all. It was glorious. Patricia and I were able to travel down to Miami and go to Game 2 of the Finals (The most important game. The Mavs were down 15 in the 4th, and came back to win) This Championship might be the biggest sports victory of my life, and we were there for a piece of it. It was so much fun to experience most of the playoffs with my wife. When I went to Vancouver and LA during the playoffs I was bummed to not be able to watch the games with her and her Jason Kidd jersey (we bought her a new Jersey after round 1).

Patricia's new job: (This is actually the most important) Patricia and I have been so blessed in the first few months. Seeing how God blessed Patricia with this great new job was amazing. I won't try to go into too much detail, but PBG is now the Executive Director for a non-profit called Camaraderie Foundation. To find out more go here. http://www.camaraderiefoundation.com/ I am so proud of PBG. It is so nice to see her excited to go to work everyday (no offense UCF) and passionate about the people she is helping.

New House: (It's not yellow and blue now, this is an old picture, new pictures when I finish my work) For those of you that don't know we have left Park Lake St and moved 1 mile away to "The Grays on Garvin" We have lived here for a couple weeks and it's still coming together. It's been so much fun getting our first house together, moving in together, cleaning, painting, and having friends over to help. For those of you that don't know I love projects! So this new house has been so much fun. I get to go to Home Depot, work in the yard, and use my drill. Just this weekend I leveled the back yard, ripped up some grass, laid mulch for the new flower bed, installed a new porch light, spray painted and hung our mailbox and address numbers (FUN)! The backyard is a bit untamed so Dodger as you can imagine is enjoying the daily adventure. The House is a 2 bedroom 2 bath built in 1928 in Colonialtown North. We are planning on having a small house warming party in a few weeks when the house is in better order. First I have to get some grass, lights, and fire pit in the back yard. (So excited) So stay tuned.

While those are the big ticket items, I wanted to quickly hit on a few other stories.
  • We have a new Bible Study group that meets on Tuesday nights. This has been such a great blessing. I have met some new friends and we are really enjoying our time with all of their 1 year old babies (no mom that does not mean we are ready).
  • For the Anniversary of our 1st date I had a scavenger hunt through Orlando that backtracked some of the fun things we did over the past year, and it ended where we had out 1st kiss. We had dinner, danced and drinks on a public dock on Lake Maitland (at 1 point we thought we were going to get kicked out).
  • We might have a new Dodger (BIG MIGHT). We found a Mini B&W Piebald Dachshund puppy (2 weeks old) at the Orlando Humane Society when we volunteered there for Nice Serve. I will call back on August 1st to check on his status but if we get him his name is "MAVERICK".
  • We just booked our summer vacation. We went back & forth about Chicago or not Chicago. At the last minute we felt Chicago wasn't what we wanted for this trip. We decided on 5 days 4 night in Cancun, Mexico. Here is where we are staying: The Westin Lagunamar
Thanks and hopefully the next post will be about bringing a new puppy home. Cross your fingers.


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I enjoyed reading a summary of those things that meant a lot to you guys these past few months. I am so glad you are documenting some of these events and decisions you are making as you start your new life together. I do like the name "Maverick". I do think you should allow PB to name any new dog you get. We like you new house and someday we will come and see it. DAD