Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Marriage changed my Area Code

You can take the Texas area code from me, but you can never take the Texas out of me.

I have been in Florida for almost 4 years now. When I landed in the Sunshine State I was FORCED to change my Texas license plates to Florida. (FYI both plates still exist in my house, but were recently taken off display). After that heartbreaking moment I was told that I had to get a Florida driver’s license. I asked the sweet lady over the counter at the DMV, "Can I at least keep my TX DL"? She replied, "only if I cut it in half." She then proceeded to butcher not only my Texas driver’s license but one of the last active pictures of me with hair.

I share that to tell you today because of marriage, I have lost the last bit of Texas I had. To combine mine and Patricia’s AT&T accounts I had to get a FL number or she had to get a TX number. I asked her via text" would you be willing to get a 214 number". Her response was simply, "nope." I actually got my iPhone while I lived in Florida, but I did it over the holidays in Texas so I could once again keep a Texas area code.

Let me make these proclamations today: I will not relinquish the Texas flag bumper sticker on my camry, no matter how redneck it may look. I will not dispose of the copper decorative lone stars, now matter how useless they are. I will continue to try and develop an elaborate scheme of why we need to travel to Texas to have our children someday. And the framed Texas flag and Texas capital pictures I have… wait I think those have already been replaced with wedding photos (which I did).

I give up, I work in Florida, I live in Florida, I was married in Florida, but I am and forever will be a Texan.

As you can see from the screen shot to the left please update your records, my new number is 407-284-0608.

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bg said...

By far your best blog ever. Genius.