Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Honeymoon

Friends and Family of this here wedding blog I am pleased to announce that the Honeymoon is booked and confirmed. (Although you can still give to the honeymoon through our registry here) But before getting into that I want to say sorry for not posting in forever but it was Patricia's birthday, then the Super Bowl, and work, and supposedly we are planning a wedding.

Back to the honeymoon. We are so excited to be visiting the island of St Lucia and staying at Sandals.

It did not take us long to decide where to go. We would have loved Hawaii but neither of us wanted to endure the price and the travel day there and back. Sandals has a large mountain like HI but is right in out backyard. The day after the wedding we will travel down to Miami and then fly out the next day to St Lucia. We are staying 5 nights.

Here is a picture of our room at Sandals.

At Sandals it is all inclusive which we have never done so we are excited. As much food, drinks, or goodies you can eat. Also so many activities are built into the price. Although there are some fun things you can do that cost extra. We are going to try our best to zipline through the jungle. Another great feature is they have 3 resorts at St Lucia and you can visit all three for more restaurants, beaches, pools, bars, and events.

I am very excited about the wedding and being with Patricia for the rest of my life. But a close 2nd, the Honeymoon.

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