Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wedding Registry Done

Patricia and I have finally finished our wedding registry. We had so much fun with the scanner gun at stores and even more fun fine tuning our list online. If I could give anyone some advice I would say go to the stores to register for things you need to touch such as: bedding, silverware, glasses, etc. Everything else register for online, it is so much easier!

Pottery Barn:

Registry #: 2652480

We had so much fun registering at PB. Here we registered for dishes, glasses, bedding and other decorative items.

Bed Bath & Beyond:

Registry #: 11968594

On our B3 registry you can find items for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other misellaneous items.

Sandals Honeymoon:

Here you can purchase adventures for us to enjoy on our honeymoon in St Lucia. You can also contribute to the overall cost of our honeymoon.

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