Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time for my 2nd blog ever- Invitations

I had an idea in my head for what I wanted our invitations to look like. Eric and I had chatted about designing them ourselves and taking that design to a printer. This would save us money and we could have complete control over what they would look like. I found the design on this awesome site: They have tons of fun ideas and free designs to download!

After many consultations with Elizabeth Sloan (bridesmaid) and driving Eric crazy with font size and repositioning words and letters, the invitation design was complete! Jessica Meyer (matron of honor) suggested we contact Dave Oslin to print the invitations. Eric and I met with him and he was so great. Not only does he have extensive printing experience he is a great man. We had the opportunity to chat it up with him and share a little bit about our lives. He is our friend! We chose the paper to print the invites on (I love the paper). Dave printed the invitations amazingly fast and for a fabulous deal! Eric and I were so pleased.

Next came the addressing. For some strange reason I was really excited to address the invitations. I spent a Saturday addressing invites and eating doughnuts (no lie I ate 5 doughnuts that day). Eric came over to give me a break and we went to play tennis. I didn’t want to run while we were playing, probably because my stomach was full of powdered sugar and other evil/goodness. My mom was fabulous and stuffed/sealed all the envelopes!

Three days later the stamps arrived! I found these online and I L-O-V-E them

Isn’t it funny the things you can get excited about? Isabel Ibanez, (maid of honor) my mother and I stamped away, now the invitations are out in the mail and we are anxious for people to receive them!

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Elizabeth W. said...

The invites are beautiful, of course. I would expect no less if you and Sloan collaborated.