Friday, January 21, 2011

Tasting Date at the WPRC

Before our tasting at the Winter Park Racquet Club Eric and I had to send in some ideas to their chef so he could formulate a menu for us. Since it is so hard to think of foods that would work well together, we just sent in a list of our favorite foods, which is hilarious if you know our palettes. For example: Eric listed mini-pizzas, I chose salmon. Eric wants chips and queso, I like pita and hummus. You can imagine the rest of the list! I was anxious to see what the chef would come up with from our list. Everything we ate at the tasting was DELISH! Including the wine (we drank that though)! I told Eric that this counted as a date for him since he scheduled the meeting and the experience was fab. We dined on some tasty apps, salad, something from the surf and something from the turf (I’m intentionally being vague so people don’t know every single detail of our wedding, sorry Eric).
My vagueness probably doesn’t matter because Eric will most likely post photos of the evening! Just know the food will be good! This is another reason why we love our venue!

Eric: I had to add one story to this blog entry. I would like to publicly call out my fiance for not helping me out. As everyone knows I eat like a 12 year old. As they brought out the first course it was a salad I will never like. That is not a complaint about chef I merely don't like this type of salad. With that said I go on to taste different parts of this salad so it appears that I tasted it to our friends from the WPRC. After a few bites it still looked untouched. I kindly asked PB to help me out a little so it looks like I tried the salad. She had one olive and that was it. She even told me to "move it around a bit" She didn't help me at all and when Alexis came back I had to come out about my 12 year old food palette. I am kidding of course, this night was great. We were all by ourselves in the back of the bar, they were finishing up some new year remodeling. It was quiet, and awesome. The pool and lake looked great. We talked forever about how much fun this night is going to be. See ya soon March 12th.

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