Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Plan Updates

It's been a few days and I wanted to let everyone know what we have been up to even though we don't have any big announcement.

Last weekend we went to a florist that will remain unnamed. (They were not good) Since we only stayed at the first place for a short time we decided to stop by another florist nearby. After PB and her Mom stopped play fighting we were finally getting down to "the business." (j/k they were having fun) We spent well over an hour at this new and improved florist. She was way helpful and gave us tons of ideas. I don't want to share too much before the wedding but let's just say there will be plenty of orange! :) Also over the weekend PB, Wayne, Nydia and I had an unscheduled walk-through at the Winter Park Racquet club. I think that is also called trespassing. It was this past Saturday. There was a wedding earlier in the day so we got to see the chairs for the ceremony setup. It was cold so we didn't stay long. While we were there we started to come up with a layout, that I am sure will change. Most importantly we were able to see the nighttime lights. We also were able to see the huge fire pit, and it was going strong. It will look so awesome the night of our reception I was happy to see that.

FLASHBACK* I took back my Jos A Bank suit over the weekend and bought a new one (the JAB one was way to dark, we wanted more gray) The new one as Mrs. Nydia put it it's "nice threads." I can't show you too much but hopefully Patricia won't be too upset if I share this picture below. I am way excited for the guy's attire.

This week we have been busy as well. Tuesday night PB and the ladies tried on and some even bought bridesmaids dresses. I unfortunately was not invited to this joyous occasion.

Wednesday night we stopped off at un unnamed store. (IF YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS, DONT'T GO FIND IT AND BUY STUFF YET) We are still in the process of getting that list finalized. When it is done we will have it up on the blog ASAP. Registering was fun at times and not so fun at other times. Although, I am a guy. The lady there was very helpful and walked us first through the pots, pans, kitchen electronics, kitchen utensils and then on to much more. I was most excited about anything that would help me make pizza. And having a nice trash can Dodger can;t knock over and get snacks. We didn't get there until just before 9pm. They were so cool they let us stay and register until 10:30pm (30 minutes after close)

Needless to say we have much more to do but we have a big schedule over the next few days.

Saturday- Cake Apt at Publix
Sunday- Racquet Club apt to chat about layout
Monday- Consultation with Photographer
Tuesday- Pottery Barn registry consultation

Wednesday is "No Wedding Hump Day". I am taking my wonderful bride-to-be on a date. This date is a wedding planning free zone. I am looking forward to that. Thanks for following along, and I will try and get PB to write a blog soon. I know she has some news about the ladies attires.

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