Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet our Wedding Photographer

I have spent many hours researching local photographers. I am happy to announce we finally have booked our photographer, Nikki Rosa! I found her on where she had numerous great reviews. After a few emails we finally got to meet with Nikki at Axum Coffee in downtown Winter Garden Monday night. She greeted us with a huge smile and Patricia and I immediately felt comfortable with her. We spent the next hour going over some of her books from past weddings. They were all great! This is a picture of PB and her going over some of her work. Nice acting ladies!

As some of you might know photography for the wedding is very important to me. It was #2 on my list of importance for the wedding (#1 was the Wedding Venue). Not only did we go over her work, we also reviewed some shots I brought that I loved. I was worried it might bother her, but she was awesome. Needless to say we booked her. We left the coffee shop blown away at how perfect she is, personality, style, professionalism.... I honestly believe our patience and trusting that God would bring us the right person paid off. I have spent literally 15-20 hours online looking for our photographer. Last week we almost booked a different photographer until we read some negative reviews on that changed our minds. That site and those reviews brought me to Nikki and we are so happy! I could go on and on about how happy we are but instead of reading me gush over Nikki, why don't you look at some of her work below.

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