Friday, November 19, 2010

We reserved our Hotel

Say hello to the Sheraton Orlando North.

Almost 4 years ago I stayed at this hotel when I interviewed for my job at EA SPORTS. Now they are helping to host all of our out of town guests, and any Florida guests that are looking for a small staycation.

**First things first DO NOT call the Sheraton to book a room. We will notify all that our invited how they can get the blocked rooms and reserved room rate.

The Sheraton is not only close to my job, but most importantly near the Winter Park Racquet Club. They will have both double bedrooms and king size bedrooms for us to use. They have a great pool, (yes March in Florida might still be pool weather). They have also agreed to use their 11 man shuttle to transport some to the ceremony and back to the hotel from the reception. That will be a huge help.

Above is the nice lobby and bar in the background. Where I am pretty sure you will find my middle brother Ryan Harper Gray. The best part about having this one central location is we will get to have all of the out-of-town guests and the wedding party together the night before the big day. That was a big thing for both PB and myself. We wanted this weekend to feel more like a weekend getaway. I know PB is excited to have all of her "girls" together in two adjoining rooms. (Not sure if all your bridesmaids knew that yet, but they do now). As for the boys most are with lady, but for the few single friends we will be locked up somewhere causing trouble.

Above or to the left you see the double room; all rooms have flat panel TVs, mini bar and a balcony. There is much more to list but this isn't

Above or to the left is the king size room.

This is just part of the honeymoon suite. This will serve not only as the honeymoon suite but if it works out (and we can check into it by noon-ish) this will be where all the boys get ready. (Don't try anything sneaky that night guys, the phone will be turned off, and no access to the club level floor). Sorry, I know my friends too well.

Not too give away too much of the weekend schedule but the day after the wedding we will be having a brunch from the Sheraton restaurant to close out the weekend. We are so happy this hotel will be able to help us host an amazing weekend for us, our friends and family.

In the coming months I will let everyone know how they can reserve their hotel room. Just know for now the rooms have been blocked and no one else can book them.

Lastly, here is the pool. Ahhh Central Florida!


Still figuring it out said...

Excited to party with ya'll here! Good choice :)

Tiffany said...

The hotel looks amazing -- we have booked our rooms -- see you in less than two months!!