Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Venue Selection

The wedding planning is underway and our first big decision is the date and the venue. We spent all of last week searching the internet and talking to friends about possible venue locations. I have personally searched online for hours trying to find that one spot that no one knows about. Is it a state park, an empty lot, or a community center? I even went as far as driving by a few of the locations (without PB, She wasn't real happy about that. Sorry Bebe)

We both have some things we want in our venue but the main thing we want is to be able to stay and party late. Which is hard because most of the venue locations want the party over at 10p, and to be out by 11p. Below are some of the locations we are/were considering.

DISCLAIMER: These are the opinions of Eric and in no way should be considered the thoughts of PB. Also if you got married at one of these locations, I am sure it was wonderful. Good for you.

Cypress Grove Park

Cypress Grove Park is perfect visually. They are a bit expensive and you must use one of their three provided caterers which can be $$$. But at the end of the day you had to be done with the party at 10p. If you know the Brinkman's that just won't fly! I went and walked the grounds the other day. If you don't want to party late and want an outdoor wedding, this place is perfect.


This is at a restaurant/venue location on a Golf Course near College Park. The good thing about this place is some of the pictures I have seen of the Ceremony by the tree our awesome, but that is all. They don't have any more outdoor space for a reception and if you ask Miss Nydia the indoor reception area has an odd smell. I can't confirm nor deny that. All I can say is it's too close to the golf course, not enough outdoor area, and you can't stay late.

Orlando Historic Inn

This venue looks great on their website, but just would not work for us. The Ceremony area is nice but small. The reception area would have to be inside if the ceremony was outside. You have to be out by 10pm. Although, the biggest problem about the Inn is it is a stone's throw from 408. I mean 408 traffic is LOUD in the back courtyard area. That is too risky for a Wedding in my opinion.

Here are some other places we considered;
Maison Jardin in Maitland. (Too small and not enough outdoor space)
Leu Gardens (Didn't love the look of any wedding pictures I saw here)

The good news we do have a front-runner. Some of you already know where it is so SHHHH! We have an appointment to meet the people at the unknown location this Sunday. We will tour the facilities, and hopefully confirm the venue and the date. Our next post will be Monday hopefully with pictures and good news.